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Termite Control & Extermination in Columbus

Termites are a silent threat to homes and businesses in Columbus, causing costly damage that can go unnoticed for years. At The X-Terminator, our team of termite control experts is dedicated to helping you protect your property from termite infestations with our comprehensive termite control and extermination services.

Termite Inspection Services in Columbus

A termite inspection is the first step in addressing a potential termite problem. Our trained technicians will inspect your property for signs of termite activity, identify the specific species of termite, and assess the extent of the damage. After the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report and recommend the best course of action to control and eliminate the infestation.

Termite Treatment and Extermination in Columbus

The X-Terminator uses a combination of advanced treatment methods and eco-friendly products to effectively exterminate termites from your property. Our termite extermination process includes:

  • Soil Treatment: We apply a liquid termiticide to the soil surrounding your property, creating a protective barrier that prevents termites from entering your home or business.
  • Baiting System: We strategically place bait stations around your property, which termites find and consume, leading to the elimination of the colony.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Regular inspections and monitoring help ensure that your property remains termite-free.

Preventative Termite Control in Columbus

Preventing termite infestations is crucial to protecting your property from damage. The X-Terminator offers preventative termite control services, including:

  • Pre-Construction Treatments: We provide soil treatments and other preventative measures during the construction phase to protect your new property from termites.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodic inspections help detect termite activity early, preventing extensive damage to your property.

Contact The X-Terminator for Termite Control in Columbus

Don't let termites wreak havoc on your Columbus home or business. Contact The X-Terminator for expert termite control and extermination services. Call us today to schedule an inspection and protect your property from termite damage.